Michele Biancardi

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Located in the Puglian countryside, a short distance from the sea, the old doors with old locks are those of my great-grandparents and which still greet visitors to our winery today.
Passing through the doors, one can smell the must on the stone arches were our grapes have passed over the centuries to be crushed.

A dry stone wall separates the cellar from the vineyard and surrounds a garden of citrus trees and pines were mindful owls control the coming and goings of our workers. Our production is not the biggest but my dream is to produce great wines appreciated by those both near and far away.

I have chosen to grow three varieties in my vineyards,  Nero di Troia, Fiano and Primitivo. These are the traditional grape types from our area and they make great wines which are full-bodied and full of aroma. Of course all Wines are certified Bio.

The harvest begins in late August with the Primitivo and ends in late October with the Nero di Troia with the sun and the wind coming from the sea playing a big part in their development. My wine cellar is just one of many testimonies of our territories glorious past.  

The whitewashed walls, clean the stone arches and rebuilt roof of the winery all play testament to this.  Technology is reduced to a minimum, and, thanks to the solar panels, the farm produces more energy than it consumes.  We use wooden barrels in moderation and steel tanks cool the precious juice when the summer gets too hot.

The red Cerignola has already entered the history of great wines: Mario Soldati spoke, sang praised it,  Luigi Veronelli noted it as  one of the best of Puglia.

Our passion has created wines such as our Milleceppi, a Nero di Troia made in the same style passed down by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Aged in terracotta vases to give it its unique aromas and taste.

All the necessary work, from cultivation to bottling, takes place on the farm, between these ancient walls…

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