L'Insolito - Michele Biancardi

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Name: Bianco I.g.t. Puglia

: 100% Minutolo

Production area
: The vineyard is located next to the Gargano and the sea, in the countryside of Cerignola (FG). Cultivated by Guyot method with a plant density of 5,000 plants per hectare, placed on a predominantly calcareous soil.

: The bunches of fiano are hand harvested and immediately after the harvest, are placed in cold storage at a temperature of 0° C for 24 hours, in order to preserve all the aromatic component. Then, without being de-stemmed, the grapes undergo soft pressing. After a brief clarification pre-fermentation, the fermentation is started at a temperature of 12° - 14° C.

12,50 €
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